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For the past 50+ years I have had the privilege of watching Uechi-ryu grow and prosper. The strength of the style, on its own, will ensure the system's continued place in martial arts history.Working together, however, as a unified and strong association, will propel Uechi-Ryu to become one of the leading fighting arts systems in the world.

Although I planted the seed of Uechi-ryu outside of Okinawa, I must thank my loyal students who have passed the art on to their students, and they to their students....


Code of Conduct and Ethics

This statement for the IUKF provides a guideline for behavior of instructors towards students and between students. Martial Arts and Self Defense training plays an important part in a student s life and as such places a responsibility on the school, instructors, senior students and school director to provide quality instruction. The following Rules of Behavior and Ethics supplement the IUKF code of conduct.They seek to enhance the standards of dojos and apply Master Kanei Uechi s Precepts for the Uechi-Ryu Practitioner. All members of the IUKF must agree to the Code of Conduct and Ethics.

In General
Instructors and students will behave in an appropriate manner at all times as defined by this Code of Conduct and Ethics....


Why study Uechi-Ryu?

People come to a Uechi dojo for a multitude of reasons. IUKF teachers are trained to help their students achieve their short and long range goals. IUKF teachers are sensitive role-models for their students. The IUKF dojo provides a helpful environment for learning the ancient art of Uechi-ryu karate. IUKF teachers complete extensive training and tests to qualify as a Sensei. The most important aspect of their training is learning how to run a successful dojo. Although part of this training involves administrative and business policies, IUKF teachers are taught how to build a dojo by providing expert, sensitive and quality instruction to their students.

Only by motivating their students and helping them realize their goals, will a successful dojo be possible.....



Sanctioned Events

All events and tournaments seeking the sanctioning of IUKF, must be submitted at least six months prior to the event to IUKF. The Events Committee will evaluate the event regarding conflicting dates with other sanctioned events and other relevant information pertaining to safety, student benefits, etc.

The committee will report to the board with their recommendations. All sanctioned events will be posted in IUKF's calendar and Dojo will be notified of IUKF's support. Dojo will prominently display information on the event and will make frequent announcements of the event to their members....

Statement of Purpose

The IUKF Board of Directors welcomes the opportunity to help redefine the mission and role of this important organization.  After much thought and discussion, the Board has agreed on the following picture of how the IUKF should best function, for the benefit of its members, and the art….

The IUKF will operate as a professional association made up of its practitioners and teachers.  Its purpose is to serve the needs of its members, to enhance the practice of Uechi-ryu, and to grow the membership of the IUKF community.  It will not be regulatory, or governing.  Besides promoting the practice and enjoyment of the art, it will establish minimum qualifications for promotion, and for the granting of teaching and honorary titles.  It will issue the certificates of such achievement.  Through the website, through regional and individual dojo activities, and through Summer Fest, the IUKF will facilitate the study of Uechi-ryu.....