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For the past 50+ years I have had the privilege of watching Uechi-ryu grow and prosper. The strength of the style, on its own, will ensure the system's continued place in martial arts history.Working together, however, as a unified and strong association, will propel Uechi-Ryu to become one of the leading fighting arts systems in the world.

Although I planted the seed of Uechi-ryu outside of Okinawa, I must thank my loyal students who have passed the art on to their students, and they to their students.

In order for Uechi-ryu to continue with the quality growth experienced in the past,we must accept and support the International Uechi-ryu Karate Federation in its role as a sanctioning body, charged with promotions and the issuance of teaching certificates.
The purpose of this website is to supplement the "Black Belt Test Guide" regarding promotions, teaching standards and general association matters. This website also contains the 1992 IUKF Charter, Dojo membership information, new member requirements, kyu-test requirements and detailed explanation of the dan-test procedures. IUKF's policy regarding administrative and promotional information is to be made available to all students when they join a Uechi-ryu dojo. The IUKF board of directors believe that every student should be an active part of the association and fully aware of his/her role in our world-family.

Uechi-ryu is fortunate in having a strong fraternal bond consisting of the founding family on Okinawa plus a vibrant link with the original Chinese system's current Masters. IUKF has established an educational and fraternal association with our Fujian family with the goal of exploring Uechi-ryu's historical links and to share strengths that evolved independently during the past 75 years.

The Advisors of the federation have approved and endorsed this document. I hope all members familiarize themselves with its contents. To be an active and productive member of the association requires a thorough knowledge of the charter and philosophy of the organization.

As President of the IUKF, I wish to welcome all new member schools and individuals to our group and hope you will share our goals and expectations. Most importantly, I look forward to working with each of you and together, building a strong and unified Uechi family.

George E. Mattson