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Sanctioned Events

All events and tournaments seeking the sanctioning of IUKF, must be submitted at least six months prior to the event to IUKF. The Events Committee will evaluate the event regarding conflicting dates with other sanctioned events and other relevant information pertaining to safety, student benefits, etc.

The committee will report to the board with their recommendations. All sanctioned events will be posted in IUKF's calendar and Dojo will be notified of IUKF's support. Dojo will prominently display information on the event and will make frequent announcements of the event to their members.

Sanctioning Requirements:
Whenever an event promoter or merchandise manufacturer/agent, wishes to have IUKF endorse their product or event, they will submit the following information to IUKF:


  • Category of the event or product. (i.e. Tournament, Camp, etc.).


To whom the event or product will target.
Pricing information
Anything else of interest to aid IUKF in determining how the association can best help in promoting the event or product