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IUKF will not engage in speculation regarding the original or “true” way of Uechi-ryu. The membership must agree to approach the study of Uechi-ryu as a mix of art, sport and science. The mix or blend of this formula exists within the individual and not the organization. Teachers are responsible for becoming certified regarding the physical transmission of the art and for passing along their specific interpretation of the formula for Uechi-ryu. IUKF encourages teachers to maintain a well balanced approach to presenting the art to new students, up to the rank of Shodan. IUKF calls this the “compulsory” phase of the student’s training.

At the higher levels of Uechi training, the teacher and student develops a more individual approach and focus to the student’s program. This involves the specialization and direction the student’s training will take. Maintaining this balanced approach for new students while teaching a varied and enriched specialization for advanced students is a very difficult job and one that IUKF will attempt to help teachers achieve.

Dan Kumite Options (Effective Jan, 2009)

Any individual dojo may substitute a prearranged kumite for Dan Kumite for IUKF testing. If the substitute is being exercised, the Reginal Test Administrator must receive a film demonstrating the optional kumite at least two months in advance of the test for approval.

This new kumite is then the one established for that individual dojo. This kumite must be performed by all subsequent dan test candidates.

Any Dan Kumite substitution must demonstrate all of the following for the purposes of the test:

  1. Attacking moves (punches and kicks) must be demonstrated and executed at full speed and power.
  2. Defence moves must demonstrate clarity of technique.
  3. The exchange of attack and defence moves must flow without appearing overly staged and be a balanced demonstration of both roles.
  4. Timing, distancing, and effectiveness of technique must be integral to the structure of the kumite.
  5. The optional kumite must demonstrate the fundamentals of stance and the body mechanics characteristic of Uechi-ryu.
  6. All moves must flow from calmness of mind and clear intent.
  7. Karate spirit must be demonstrated.
  8. The optional kumite must approximate the same length as the Dan Kumit.